5 raisons pourquoi le TaaS est la solution à la pénurie de main d’oeuvre

We can no longer hide it, the shortage of workers in technology in Quebec, Canada, and even across North America, is very real and affects all types of businesses. Combined with the desires of many to digitize their business process and optimize their online presence, North American companies are definitely looking for solutions to fill this shortfall.

At Bulldozer, we strongly believe in the performance of a hybrid team made up of a customer's team and a digital service provider's team. This is why we have implemented a TaaS solution that allows companies wishing to accelerate their digital transformation to free themselves from recruiting new employees. Here are 5 reasons that tell you why you should consider a TaaS approach to meet your digital growth and staff shortage needs:

  1. Be involved in the realization of your projects

    Unlike a traditional mandate with a software development company, where the client is mainly involved in defining the needs and approving the functionalities delivered, the TaaS also makes it possible to create a synergy between the client's employees and those of the agency. In this way, the customer has better visibility on the project structure, on the progress of tasks, but above all on the functioning of the end product. This last point is a considerable advantage.

    The customer will ultimately be the end user. By participating in digital product development, he will be able to more easily understand the opportunities and limitations of his products and adjust the scope of mandates along the way to better meet his end needs. The TaaS formula thus allows the customer to have better knowledge and greater control over their digital products while sharing the responsibility for their development.

    Access rare expertise

    The digital environment is changing rapidly and it is sometimes difficult, or simply impossible, to keep up with recruiting. Depending on the size of your business, it might not be a good idea to hire some full-time experts, despite the fact that you would need this type of expertise in your quest for digital transformation.

    By opting for a TaaS mandate with an external supplier, you will be able to access specific experts, for the number of hours you really need and for the period of your choice. Think here of essential specialists such as SEO writers, DevOps engineers, quality assurance analysts or cybersecurity experts. These different profiles are rare, of course, but are available to you through agencies specializing in the matter.

    Improve the agility and speed of technical teams

    The balance between maintaining your current digital assets and developing new digital solutions within your business is complex to achieve. The time or even the financial and human resources required to maintain skills are often neglected, which inevitably influences a team's ability to develop new digital products.

    With a hybrid team in TaaS mode, the client can take the burden off his team by increasing the number of experts available. This makes it possible to review the distribution of tasks among the employees and to make better use of each other's strengths. Indeed, by having a greater diversity of profiles brought in by the external supplier, we allow internal teams to focus on tasks that are more suited to their field of interest.

    Accelerate the implementation of digital solutions

    As previously noted, a client’s IT and development teams are often overwhelmed in the maintenance and continuous improvement of existing digital assets, which delays the development of new products.

    A TaaS cell will lighten the workload of your internal teams, which has a real accelerator effect in the development of your new solutions; applications, website, software or others. A TaaS unit also comes with project management support which ensures cohesion between the members of the different teams and the smooth running of the project.

    Finally, if the client's team is more specialized in product development and wishes to free itself from maintenance tasks, a TaaS unit can also be set up, to relieve the internal teams of this type of task.

    Enrich the strategic vision

    For some companies, the problem of developing resources is less of a problem, it is rather the strategic support that is problematic. Indeed, even if a client has a strong team, sometimes an outside perspective who has worked with other companies with similar business issues can help a lot.

    By adding a few external team members to their team, the client can improve their understanding of external environments and the competition, enrich their knowledge of best practices and review their internal processes. The synergy between the supplier and the customer makes it possible to bring a different vision that will undoubtedly improve the pooling of the different components of your organization.

    Bulldozer has several TaaS mandates to its credit and the reasons listed above are tangible findings that we have seen with our clients.

    You are interested in knowing how your company could benefit from our TaaS solution, make an appointment with us; it will be our pleasure to discuss it with you.

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