Design sprint in Bulldozer mode!

In another life, we were lucky enough to spend hours and days writing comprehensive specifications. The goal is not to forget anything and to leave nothing to chance. The scope of the project is exploding, because we don't want to leave anything out and the web agency tries to protect itself by adding a legal layer on the project. This work does not add anything positive to the project, I assure you.

At the end of a project, we check on the client side that each element of the specifications has been delivered. On the web agency side, it is an ongoing battle to classify customer returns as requests for change and not as anomalies to be corrected at the customer's expense. This negotiation will undermine the trust between the two parties and it does not bring anything positive to your project.

How did we solve this problem?

By putting the specifications in the trash at the start of the project! Our premise is that if you are dealing with a website design specialist, you will need to confront your vision for the project against the vision of a team of specialists who have delivered over a hundred projects. If you see your web agency as a gang of people who will carry out your requests literally, the impact of your projects will be minimal.

At the start of the project, we advocate the round-the-clock approach - it's not sexy as a name, but all of our clients have been convinced of this approach. The goal is to take a minimum of a few hours to identify your business need as you see it. We want to be as close as possible to the decision-making power of your organization so as not to waste time on approval.

We will bring together the team present in the overview by bringing in multidisciplinary talents such as finance, marketing, taxation, design, branding, customer experience, SEO, SEM, development, quality assurance, etc. The goal is to have the people most likely to help increase the results of your future project.

Why do we believe the roundup is part of the winning recipe?

  • Promote team interactions on the project
  • Have momentum to start the project
  • Know the team members on the project
  • Focus on the needs of the end user
  • More interactions equals more innovation

We call it the FACFP principle in our jargon!

In a few hours, we will be able to define the success factors of your project with you. We will then, according to your budget, prepare the backlog of your project to accomplish the success factors. By writing the backlog directly with you or your team, we will be able to identify all aspects of the tasks at hand.

To develop an overview that will meet the expectations of each participant, we have put in place a formula to optimize the time spent together.

Step 1: Understand the business objective?

There may be someone around the table asking you why 5 times in a row, this is normal. We want to understand the root of the business goal in order to be able to achieve it.

Step 2: Identify the factors for success

We want to have the same success factors as you. If you want to increase the conversion rate of your visitors to potential customers, we will work with you in this regard.

Step 3: Understand the initial situation

In Google Maps, it's always difficult to get directions when we don't know the starting point. We need to understand what is lacking in your current situation to achieve your goals.

Step 4: Visualize the target situation

We want to define the finish line with your team. During the course of the project, we will use the target situation so as not to distract from the long term objective.

Step 5: Identify our personas

A basic thing, I hear you say, but how often we forget our personas during a project. We will define with you the personas that we will want to reach to keep a clear idea on how to communicate the desired message to them.

Steps 6: Understand the issues

The Bulldozer team that would be responsible for your project must understand your business issues in order to be able to offer suitable solutions.

Finally, when we have completed the roundup, we start the project with great momentum. This activity allows the team on the project to bond with the client's team.

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