The advantage of a multidisciplinary team in your web design project

Designing a website is a complex project that requires a diverse team to get the maximum return on your investment. Many projects fail because they don't fit into a specific business goal.

The objective of this article is to fully understand the role of each stakeholder in a website redesign and to present to you the advantages of doing business with a complete multidisciplinary team in this type of mandate.

The ideal team for a project depends a lot on business goals. For a general web design project, here is a list of key positions:

  • Product strategist
  • Marketing strategist
  • Web Editor
  • User experience designer
  • Artistic director
  • Web developer
  • Quality assurance specialist

The product strategist is responsible for the user vision of the platform. He will often be the person who can translate the client's vision into functionalities to be developed. He will be present throughout the duration of the project.

The marketing strategist is responsible for the digital performance of the platform. He will help the client to fully understand the opportunities related to his vision. It will allow the design team to orient the visual of the product to optimize the performance of the website.

The writing specialist will work in collaboration with the client to express his vision in words. He will have to validate his writing strategy with the marketing specialist so that the choice of words is made according to the opportunities.

The user experience designer will produce the project skeleton with recommendations from the product strategist, marketing strategist and web editor. This step is critical, as an optimized user experience will facilitate post-delivery work.

The art director is the specialist in the visual appearance of your website. Colors, typefaces (fonts) and images are the tools he will work with to optimize your brand's digital presence.

The web developer will be able to bring the work of other team members to life. He works in collaboration with the product strategist to understand the business rules to be put in place and the business objective of the project.

The quality assurance specialist will work upstream of development to identify issues that may appear in the digital product. He will also have to validate the project so that it meets the criteria for success.

Here are the advantages of a multidisciplinary team:

The number and frequency of interactions between members of this team will increase the velocity of information. The team of strategists will be able to work with the design team to optimize the value of your website. A development team will not be able to predict the optimal tree structure for SEO. A popular belief is to work with an agency specializing in SEO or Google Ads campaigns, but the work of the digital strategist is done in collaboration with the design team and in collaboration with the development team. Not many people know that the semantics of the code will impact your ranking on Google.

The performance of your website will have a major impact on your ranking on Google. If your webmaster isn't optimizing images, you're probably going to go down in the rankings. Wordpress can also decrease your performance, as it is a rather heavy CMS that often requires loading a lot of plugins. The technological choice will help you optimize the performance of your website.

Here are the risks of a multidisciplinary team:

You have to be careful, because the number of people involved increases the complexity of the project. The only way to limit this problem is to encourage interactions between team members. Interactions must be framed by rituals so as not to become catastrophic. At a minimum, the team should meet once a day to discuss priorities and resolve bottlenecks. Ideally, the client should be as close to the team as possible. In the event that you absolutely must have an intermediary, this role is one of the most important in the project, as this person will be responsible for communicating information between the team and the client.

Steep Warfare can arise when there is a lack of cohesion between team members. Each specialist tends to view the success of the project within the parameters they can control. The art director will want the site to look good despite the fact that design choices can convert more visitors into registrations to meet the business goal. It is important to always bring the objective of the project as the main objective to all stakeholders.

Finally, a multidisciplinary team will allow you to get the most out of your budget. It is enough that the work parameter of each stakeholder is well defined.

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