A website, but why exactly?

Have you ever heard of the rule of 5 why used in management accounting? The principle is simple and makes it possible to understand the exact nature of a problem which is often camouflaged under several false answers. You can apply this method to better understand the role of your website in your organization. In this article, we will try to explain this methodology to you, which greatly improves problem solving.

Your website is the starting point.

In a business, the reality is that every situation is different and it's never all white or all black, hence the importance of being aware of the true source of a problem. Without this understanding, it is difficult to find the right solutions. The life of an entrepreneur is made up of successes, but also of more difficult times. These difficult times are often a rich source of lessons, but they still need to be understood. The rule of 5 whys is simple, when you are faced with a problem you ask yourself the question why this problem occurs? A first response is taking shape, but why? A second response occurs and so on until you get to the source of the problem. Identifying the issues in your business is a difficult exercise to do, but soul-searching leads to improvement when done right.

Take the simplest example; your website. Today, the majority of companies have one, but why? Every company wants to be on the web, but very few companies understand how to exploit the opportunities offered. The proof ; The most often used approach is to have different agencies bid for the design of its website, then as a general rule to accept the offer which we believe to be the most reasonable, without necessarily worrying about the most important; what will be the benefits of my investment? Your website, like all of your digital products, should be an investment, not an expense. I stress this point, your website should be an investment.

As the important players in your industry exploit the possibilities of digital on a daily basis, you are probably wondering why your website is not bringing you as much profit as you imagined.

When your business is in need of machinery or tools, do you always choose the cheapest? I think I hear a pretty compelling no and when you buy a car for your business you definitely need to do basic maintenance like oil changes and the like. Why you decide to spend on a website, but you leave it alone in the digital world.

Creating a website is the first step to achieving your goals (attracting customers, increasing your sales, improving your positioning, etc.), but if your website is not part of your business strategy, it may not. never meet your goals. If you're wondering why your website isn't working right now, it's probably for the same reason your 1997 Chevrolet, which hasn't had an oil change since it was purchased, is making funny noise. You don't maintain it properly, so why develop a website and then let it navigate the digital world on its own?

Your website is an investment and it should be part of your business strategy. If you are having difficulty quantifying the opportunity, the solution is to put in place an initial strategy and deploy it iteratively to validate the benefits during the process. If your digital platforms are not performing as expected, I recommend that you use the rule of 5 whys to understand the reasons behind these results.

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