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Web redesign for ADNIA Conseils


ADNIA is a company that offers organizations its cutting-edge expertise in business intelligence and analytics. It thus supports them in extracting their raw data in order to convert them into intelligent data. This extraction helps its partners to harness the potential of data by using it in an efficient way to facilitate decision-making. In addition, the simplified visualization of the data will make it easy to track the performance of the business in question. In order to stand out more in the job market, ADNIA wishes to set up a project to redesign its website in order to better present its service offering and highlight the career section.


In collaboration with our partner ADNIA, we will be working on the website redesign project to meet mainly two important objectives. First, we simplify the description of the service offer to better answer Internet users' questions, improve awareness of the ADNIA brand and increase sales. Second, we will optimize the candidate's experience when visiting the career page of the website in order to improve the recruitment process.


During the development of this website redesign project, we had two challenges:

  • How to manage information flows, analyzers and synthesizers?
  • What strategic design should we choose to provide the candidate with a customer experience that best reflects the position of the company's employer and thus increase the conversion rate of the candidates.

Orientation stratégique

In collaboration with Adnia Consulting team, we started by collecting basic information about the business and analyzing it. The synthesis of the various information resulted in a good understanding of the clientele and a better observation of the market and of our client's competitors. We established a strategic direction for the company to subsequently present the strategic design planning to our client. We have specified the appropriate positioning strategy, its brand architecture to present consistent and efficient website content. Since we are working to improve our client's employer brand and at the same time sales, we have made several adjustments to the design but also the structure of the career section. Now ADNIA is presented in such a way that potential candidates recognize themselves in its way of doing things and its expertise. We have added a brief description of ADNIA Conseils, its mission, vision and values. Regarding the sales and marketing objective, we have made several changes to the content and structure of the website to better present our client's service, to highlight its added value, expertise and competitive advantage.


The visual and structural redesign of the website has clearly enabled our client to achieve its initially defined objectives, we have succeeded in considerably increasing the number of visitors and in attracting new visits to the website and in particular the career section. With reference to the two main business goals, we have increased website traffic by 1000% compared to before the web redesign project.


Case study