Mobile app - Hardbacon

An Android mobile application to contribute to the growth of Hardbacon


Hardbacon specializes in the development of tools that give investors access to their portfolio data at their fingertips. The company has developed an iOS mobile application that allows users to track their investments on mobile. The user can therefore consolidate all of his financial investments in one place. Faced with growing business, Hardbacon now had to design an Android version of its product.

“At first, giving this important mandate to an outside firm made me insecure, but the Bulldozer team quickly understood our reality and quickly put me at ease. I felt like the Bulldozer team was part of mine for the duration of the project.

-Julien Brault, CEO Hardbacon


  • Developed the Android mobile application using react native to facilitate the management of the two application projects.
  • Accelerate future developments by ensuring the maintenance of a source code.


We needed to get the mobile app into the hands of users as quickly as possible, ensuring an optimal mobile app in terms of performance and user experience. In addition, since we were working with very confidential financial information, it was essential to adhere to very high security criteria.

Digital product

We have adapted our process to accelerate the development of the mobile application. To make our efforts as relevant as possible, we had to adjust our response time to be as responsive as possible, because things move very quickly in a startup. Our project management structure was adapted to help speed up the speed with which information was communicated to the various stakeholders.

Collaborative work has been established between the backend developers of the Hardbacon team and the Bulldozer mobile development team. Several deliverables were delivered under the Agile methodology in order to carry out constant quality assurance, making it possible to reduce errors during the project.


Development of the android mobile application in less than 3 months.


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