Mobile app - TRNDS

A mobile application to accelerate the development of TRNDS


We met Samuel Bouchard, CEO of TRNDS during a presentation of an event in Montreal. Samuel had a ton of ideas, so we helped him build a prototype mobile app to help him launch a first round of funding for TRNDS. Then, we started a strategy mandate in order to test the market.


  • Develop a mobile application and analyze its adoption rate by the target customers of TRNDS.
  • Carry out a content strategy for the company blog.
  • Set up a monetization strategy for the blog.


Working with a startup requires reviewing internal processes or forgetting about them for a while. Speed is the key to success and you have to be able to quickly destroy what you have done to jump to the next opportunity. We also wanted to reproduce a mobile application with a design that could compete with a platform like Instagram.

Digital product

We wanted to create the leanest possible project cell, so we assigned a 100% employee on the project. This employee's experience in high growth startups, such as Amp Me, has enabled the team to effectively meet the needs of TRNDS. We have also developed minimalist iterations to test user interest as early as possible in the process.

The mobile application was developed in record time. In less than 6 weeks, it was deployed with a management tool allowing the publication of photos in real time.

After a few weeks, we developed additional features with the aim of increasing user engagement with the platform. We therefore designed an attractive blog and implemented a content strategy adapted to TRNDS target customers, then a customer acquisition strategy.


In 4 months, the blog achieved the following results:

  • More than 66,000 visitors
  • Over 181,000 page views

TRNDS has also entered into a partnership with the Hudson's Bay Company.

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Customer: TRNDS


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