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Une application web pour aider plus de gens


Volunteer Action Center 23 is a non-profit organization that was created in 1976. Its mission is to develop and promote volunteer and community action, it offers its services mainly in Quebec City. The organization has joined forces with the Volunteer Action Center of Contrefort and Quebec to form the Alliance Volunteer Action group and thus offer better support to volunteers, organizations and people in precarious situations. Initially, the Volunteer Action Center 23 wanted a tool to manage its daily operations while at the same time bringing together essential information on volunteers as well as the organizations for which it offers its services. Later, the organization wanted to integrate the other centers into this tool in order to better represent the Alliance volunteer action group. Our development experts have developed a platform to meet our client's needs.


While working on this project, our team faced two challenges. First, when designing the web application, you had to communicate with external systems such as jebénévole.ca. In addition, we were required to respect the specificities of the Volunteer Action Center 23 when integrating the other centers into the web application.


Our main objective is to develop a web application to simplify the management tasks of the Alliance volunteer action group and to reduce the number of hours required for the management of beneficiaries and volunteers.

Digital product

In coordination with the help center team, we carefully specified the need to offer the optimal solution, the project was mainly spread over 3 years. In 2019 we worked on the technical feasibility of the web application up to its design. The platform went live and for two years the center used it daily to manage its operations. Later, the alliance with other volunteer centers had new needs. We have redesigned the web application in 2021 by integrating the new organizations. From now on, the Alliance volunteer action group has a web application that includes data from volunteers as well as organizations, and which makes it possible to manage operations and coordinate the various activities related to the services offered.


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