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Web redesign for Ciao technologies Inc


Founded in 2006, CIAO is a Quebec company that offers digital consulting services. Currently, it offers its services in three areas of expertise: systems development, web accessibility and inclusive design, enterprise 4.0. Being a full-service company, CIAO wants to better present its qualifications, skills and services on its website. In addition, it would like to improve the user experience of candidates when visiting the career page. In this context, we will manage our client's website redesign project in order to present content that correctly reflects CIAO's brand identity.


The company's website redesign project will have to meet two main objectives:

  • Increase revenues by improving the segmentation of CIAO services, in order to be able to meet the needs of different target groups.
  • Improve the user experience of candidates by candidates for changes to the career section, and be able to increase the number of applications via the web.


In terms of challenge, we were faced with two major challenges to meet the established objectives:

  • What key elements should be used to better define the service offer of the CIAO company, while taking into account its different areas of expertise.
  • Simplify navigation to facilitate the conversion of candidates into employees

Strategic orientation

Since the content of the website was not completely consistent with CIAO’s brand identity, it was necessary to start with research to improve its natural referencing on the search engines. We have performed an analysis of the behavior of website users in order to better define their journeys. As a result, we have made changes not only to the structure but also to the design. We have updated the content of the about section by adding essential keywords to present our client's different services, have a more effective presentation for prospects and current clients and decrease the bounce rate. This update has been made with a focus on the identity, mission, vision and culture of the company. In addition, it was essential to add multiple conversion points on the website to turn visitors and prospects into actual customers. When it comes to recruiting candidates, we have created an attractive page to promote the company’s employer-branding image and highlight available positions. We have also added several "calls to action" that encourage people to apply, as we have put in place an easily executable procedure for applying for vacancies.


We are able to confirm that the changes made to the career section, in terms of both content and structure, have largely contributed to improving the user experience of candidates. The number of applications received through the website had increased to 45%.


Case study