Digital transformation - New Look Eyewear

Digital transformation with New Look Eyewear


New Look Eyewear, flagship of the New Look Vision Group, is a leading Quebec company in optics in Canada since 1986. The brand offers a product experience with advice from optical specialists through its 80 stores in Quebec. At the dawn of an expansion in the rest of Canada, the New Look Vision Group mandated Bulldozer to highlight the digital business opportunities of New Look Eyewear, to revisit the positioning of the brand, to rethink the experience client on the web, as well as to optimize and direct the company's marketing actions with different partners.

81% of the population wears glasses or contact lenses - Léger Marketing, 2018


New Look wanted to globally review its positioning and its way of attracting new customers, without changing the company. Considering the notoriety of New Look Eyewear in Quebec, it was important to keep the gains, while presenting a new face. Looking out of the corner of your eye at the rapid emergence of online competitors, it was important to quickly consolidate your place on the web. Despite these important considerations, it was essential to increase the number of eye exams, as it is the primary sales generator for eyeglasses and contact lenses.


At the dawn of the new strategic plan, the brand was drawn by its competitors in a war of perpetual promotions, a painful practice for the company, which stands out for the quality of its services and advice. For New Look, it was essential to find a way out of the fast-fashion spiral of eyewear merchants and to put optical expertise in the foreground. The strategy was therefore to value New Look more for its expertise than for its prices, in order to create the feeling of confidence necessary to be considered at the right time. It was therefore appropriate to use digital as a central point of the customer experience, by offering advice, services, recommendations and inspirations to users.


The brand's new positioning has resulted in a new advertising strategy, carried out in close collaboration with La Raffinerie. In order to reach younger customers, a new campaign exclusively for the web has been launched. The website and digital campaigns have been revisited to attract as many potential customers as possible and to convert to eye exams. The online shopping experience has been greatly improved in order to increase customer engagement on the web and to make glass sales work easier. Finally, different tools were integrated to improve the business intelligence of the company and to better understand the behavior of its customers.


Customer : Lunetterie New Look

Advertising production firm : La Raffinerie

Creative Director : Maxime Richer

Media : Médialliance


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