product - Laserax

A B2B web application to create more prospects.

In context

Laserax, a company founded in 2010 in Quebec, is on the way to becoming a world leader in the industrial laser industry. Having to manage a dazzling growth in sales in recent years (2000% growth in three years) Laserax needed robust solutions to support their expansion in the short and medium terms, In order to facilitate the sale of their products on the markets foreigners, we established with the client that he needed a multi-platform tool that would facilitate the management of sales and cost estimates for his clients and make the sales representatives more effective and efficient in their daily tasks.


This new tool had to meet several business objectives, including that of facilitating and accelerating the taking of customer needs, allowing a rapid assessment of the approximate costs for the realization of a project, generating and sending the quotes and finally, facilitate customer follow-ups regarding the quotes sent to them.

Web application - Laserax

The challenge

In order to reduce the learning curve and the training time regarding the use of the tool we had to keep in mind that not all Laserax employees had the same level of comfort with technology. We took this into consideration when developing the product strategy and user experience to create the most intuitive interface possible. In addition, since the representatives of Laserax usually operate under very variable working conditions, the application had to run on several operating systems and sometimes even without an Internet connection. Ultimately, we had to create a consistent, stable and efficient user experience at all costs, regardless of the platform on which the tool was used.

Web application - Laserax
Web application - Laserax Web application - Laserax

Strategic direction

After clearly identifying the needs assessment, estimation and bid management process at Laserax, we managed to synthesize the process and design an application that facilitates execution.
Like the company and their services, the solution uses cutting-edge technologies such as Hubstop, Electron, ReactJS and Laravel. The user interface has been designed in such a way that any individual, comfortable or not with technology, can learn to use it quickly and help our customer's representatives to obtain grain in effectiveness and efficiency.


Customer : Laserax

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