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In context

The Montreal Alouettes is a sports team whose reputation is well established throughout Quebec. As Canadian football does not have the same popularity as hockey in Quebec, the Montreal Alouettes have always been somewhat overshadowed by the Montreal Canadiens. Despite everything, the team’s success when it returned to Montreal in 1996 helped win back the hearts of the fans.

After two difficult seasons (2017 and 2018) where the team's performance did not meet the expectations of the fans, the Alouettes management wanted to put a project in place with the objective of revitalizing the image of the marks and give back its letters of nobility to the Montreal team.

So we were approached by GRND who commissioned us to work with an experienced microsite to generate supporters' commitment to the brand.


The mandate for the creation of the web experience platform had two clearly defined objectives, namely to remind the history of the team to the supporters and foster commitment to the brand.

Montreal Alouettes

The challenge

The Montreal Alouettes were already known for their performance when they returned from 1996, but we wanted to remember that the history of the team also had a glorious past to remember. The challenge was to remind its supporters of the rich history of the Montreal Alouettes in a simple way and engage them with the content that was presented to them while considering that on social platforms, sports teams generate on average 0.26% of engagement by message.

Montreal Alouettes
Montreal Alouettes Montreal Alouettes

The idea

The strategy implemented was to develop a web platform in the form of a microsite which would be accessible from the main website of the Montreal Alouettes. We then delved into the archives to highlight highlights and remind supporters of these memorable memories in the form of a dynamic vertical timeline containing both visual and audio content.

We also developed a feature that allowed people to submit their personal records and memories. The purpose of this tool was to place the supporter at the heart of the history of the Montreal Alouettes. Still to maximize fan engagement with the history of the franchise, we've also added a tool for users to comment on, like or share other people's memories. The microsite has therefore become a social platform with very rich content that would keep the supporter in the ecosystem of the Montreal Alouettes brand.


Customer : Montreal Alouettes

Partner : GRND

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