Mobile app - Novo-SST

A mobile application to improve the user experience


The Novo consulting group, formerly known as Novo SST, was created in 2013. It is one of the largest mutual fund managers. Novo offers full services to support organizations and increase their performance in occupational health and safety. The company is recognized for its constant innovation, over time, services have been added to ensure complete support for customers. In view of the growing importance of a healthy work environment for workers, Novo thought of setting up a new service: health and well-being. The company called on our technical expertise in web and mobile application development to create the “Being Healthy MD” mobile application.


Our main goal is to develop a mobile version of the “Be Healthy MD” web site using the Google Flutter framework in order to facilitate our client the management of the two application projects. We also want to implement monitoring tools to calculate the return on investment of the mobile application.


Initially, Novo SST developed a web version of the “Being Healthy MD” application. The company is hesitant about the idea of ​​managing two projects at the same time. She wants to improve the accessibility of the application already in place, remove obstacles and enrich it with other features to improve the user experience and optimize conversions.

Strategic orientation

The success of the mobile application largely depends on the mobile experience of customers. The challenge is to create a high-performance application through the evaluation, validation of user needs and requirements. Collaborative work has been set up between the backend developers of the Novo SST team and the Bulldozer mobile development team. We succeeded in developing a mobile version of the “Being Healthy MD” application in eight weeks.

We have worked on the user experience with the aim of making the customer experience more intelligible and fluid. Our developers have created an attractive design with an application that can be personalized by customers, both employers and employees. We also developed the mobile app using the Google Flutter framework. In order to respond effectively to the client's needs, we have chosen this technology, an optimal solution that will allow Novo SST to optimize the return on investment of its mobile development and thus reduce its costs. We have mastered this framework for years and we use it to quickly and easily develop applications on iOS and Android by sharing a single code base.

In order to ensure the stability, consistency and proper functioning of the application, we accompanied our client to make the necessary changes and maintain it. We have also set up monitoring tools to measure results such as the increase in the conversion rate, then compare them to the objectives set.


Case study