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Redesign of the Greiche & Scaff website

In context

Founded more than 40 years ago, Greiche & Scaff's vision professionals share the same objectives: to offer you the highest standards of quality and service for the care and health of your eyes. Our modern and efficient laboratory assures you a delivery of products of perfect quality, a fast and efficient service, for a perfect vision. All tastes are represented through a large selection of frames reflecting the latest trends and for all budgets. You are received by a team of qualified professionals who listen to your needs, are attentive and warm.


Following a workshop to identify business needs with the client. We have identified the following two objectives for the success of their website redesign project:

  • Increase appointment booking via the web
  • Set up a drive to store strategy
  • Prepare the ground for buying glasses online

The challenge

We needed to create a digital experience for a target audience of 35 to 55 years old. Greiche & Scaff had acquired an excellent SEO positioning and we wanted to preserve it following the website redesign project.


Our game plan was to make the website the central point to validate our conversions on the different platforms.

We have identified the following directions for the website:

  • Be the digital conversion point of the brand
  • Simplify as much as possible the booking of customer appointments on the website
  • Increase consumer acquisition through digital campaigns
  • Improve the overall consumer experience of the site
  • Create an efficient mechanism for acquiring customer emails.

The priorities of the marketing team allowed us to segment the work for the website. We reviewed Greiche & Scaff's current consumer journey. We then analyzed the work done by the competition.

The development team began by identifying the customer's systems to which the website should connect. We have developed a synchronization of the website inventory in magento with the client's inventory management tool. Subsequently, we implemented a system to connect website appointment scheduling with in-store operations to minimize the impact of this change on branch teams.


Significant increase in the number of appointments coming from the website.


Case study