Website - Mon Saint-Laurent

A website to facilitate the discovery of the attractions of the St.Lawrence River


The Quebec Metropolitan Community (CMQ) is recognized for its involvement in a territory that brings together 28 municipalities and 800,000 people. The Quebec Metropolitan Community mandated Bulldozer to design and develop a web application for the interactive kiosks present at the Grand Marché of Quebec.


The initial objective was to introduce people from the region to the possible activities to be done on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. A simple website to optimize the sections that are most important to users.


We wanted to create engagement with the website so that users could discover the content. The website has been designed to allow users to plan their weekend activities.


Our strategic orientation was based on three principles:

Discovery: Go get as many visitors as possible on the site and have a continuous flow.

Sharing: Encourage users to share their discoveries with their loved ones via different digital channels.

Use: Get to know the users of the river better.

The access points have been divided by category, according to the type of activity to make it easier to find them: walking, birdwatching, swimming or water games, water activities, cycling, fishing, beach and relaxation.

We subsequently developed a search engine to allow visitors to facilitate their search with the following modes: grid or map mode, closest to farthest and search by name.

A Map view makes it easy to see their location on a personalized Google Maps map.

Collections make it possible to group access points according to a common theme.

Each access point is highlighted with the following elements:

  • A photo carousel.
  • Full description
  • Activities and characteristics
  • Business hours
  • Directions to get there with Google Maps
  • The collections in which this access point is part


Significant increase in the number of visits to access points to the river.


Case study