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XR Studio offers its clients a premier visual production studio that uses immersive technologies to blend live and virtual, also known as virtual and augmented reality. This American company supports its clients from creative design to production logistics, including technical execution. XR Studio wants to make changes to the web design of its website, it called on our expertise to create an experience with a WOW factor and thus demonstrate the ability of the company's services to create emotion.


Our main objective is to create a "wow" effect of web design in order to achieve this we must achieve two sub-objectives:

  • Produce a fluid, transparent, innovative and amazing user interface
  • Create a user experience that reflects the emotions conveyed by the XR Studio website

We therefore want to follow an approach that consists of impressing the user in order to better sell our client's service.


Our team had two main challenges to overcome, the first is to showcase Statamic, a content management system (CMS) based on the PHP Laravel framework. The second challenge would be to set up a temporary website within a week of delivering the final version to meet the customer's priority needs.

Digital product

In order to manage the content of our client's website, we have used the Statamic content management system for its easy installation and efficient interface.

In collaboration with the creative studio Harrisson Fun, We have created this new concept, called the “wow effect” by choosing images, effects and colors that generate emotions and inspire users to explore the website but at the same time do not supplant the content of the website

The smooth communication between creative studio Harrison Fun and our team resulted in the success of the project and its on-time delivery. We have also succeeded in combating the pressure caused by tight deadlines by setting up a functional and temporary website to serve our client.



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