Website - Voyage à rabais

Web redesign for the travel industry

In context

Discount Travel is a travel agency specializing in travel packages. This Quebec company was founded in 2001, it also launched its first website the same year it was founded. The company is renowned for its forward-thinking corporate culture and its forward-looking approach, ensuring that it stands out in a permanent way. In this context, Voyage à Discount wanted to use the visualization of its website to improve its brand image. She needed support in the process of redesigning her website. Following the call for our services, we were delighted to provide the company with our expertise in project management.


The main project is to modernize and rejuvenate the brand image of the discount travel agency by creating a distinctive visual identity. An objective which is really deployed in several sub-objectives. Indeed, we will start with the analysis of the user experience, then the optimization of organic SEO and finally end up with a website that better reflects the image of the company.


The redesign of the website involves a risk of losing the client's organic SEO gains. It was therefore necessary to provide a solution that not only allows the design, ergonomics and navigation to evolve, but also to keep the organic referencing already acquired. The second challenge is to implement the necessary tactics in order to be able to coordinate two teams in parallel and meet the deadlines of the project taking into account its scale.

Digital product

We have succeeded in supporting our client to take a fresh look at his brand by helping him position himself in a changing environment, clarify his offer and have a fingerprint in line with his brand identity. Our experts carried out a fundamental intervention on the visual aspect and the structure of our client's website, going through several stages. Initially, a deep analysis of the target market was done to adapt the design of the user experience and thus improve the conversion rate. Subsequently, we proceeded to an organic SEO optimization to preserve the achievements in the search engines.

We favor a close relationship with our customers, so we worked in collaboration with the technical team of the discount travel agency for 9 months by taking charge, at the same time, of different sections of the website to accelerate development, achieve to bring them together and thus meet the target of the delivery date.


Despite its scale, we managed to deliver the project on schedule, while retaining the organic referencing previously acquired by the discount travel agency. At the same time, this project allowed our client to develop the functionality of its website and optimize the user experience to achieve a better conversion rate as a result.


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