Digital Platform

A Mobile App to Enhance the Clientele’s Commitment.

A Personalised Service Available at All Times.

Mindful of its clientele’s satisfaction, New Look Eyewear wished to extend the quality of its after-sales customer service. By collaborating with the company, we designed a mobile application to offer a unique and personalised follow-up.

Customer Experience as a Retention Strategy

 It is essential for an organization to create and maintain a strong relationship with its clients in order to be perceived as the sole company on the market. Based on our analysis of the strategic actions of the company, we decided to create a customer retention action plan for the current client base.

 By putting the user at the heart of the creative process, we get to create apps that really are useful.

David Dupont

CEO Bulldozer

 Simplify Users’s Lives.

 The mobile application is a tool that helps simplify the life of its users. With the objective of increasing the frequency of interactions between the company and its customers, the app suggests products and services at strategic moments. Also, the application provides order tracking, eye exam reminders, and contact lenses renewals.

 Integration to the Company’s Systems Visually, the app has an array of functionalities that are meant to seem very simple. However, this project implied several technical challenges, including the interoperability of several systems: point of sale, client file, CRM, inventory system & e-commerce.