New Look Eyewear – Advertising Campaign

New Branding Image for New Look Eyewear Stores

An Integrated Campaign That Makes People React.

Enjoying a strong reputation on the Canadian market, New Look Eyewear wished to reconsider its advertising approach by focusing on the consumer first. Working closely with New Look’s team, we created and realised the “It’s Time” campaign, an advertising campaign integrated and adapted to modern communication channels.

 On TV, on Radio and in Newspapers.

The traditional phase of the campaign was targeting directly its main clientele, people who postpone the purchase of their new glasses again and again. In playful and realistic staging, the main characters find themselves in situations that show it’s time for them to change their glasses.

Online and on Social Networks.

The digital phase of the campaign was targeting a whole different segment, people who know someone for whom “It’s time” to change glasses. We invited them to use the campaign website to call out their friend who postpones the purchase of new glasses. The latter was to receive a personalised email including a rebate coupon of $ 100 at New Look Eyewear.