Digital Platform

Voyages à Rabais

Summary of One Year of Partnership

The partnership between Bulldozer and Voyages à Rabais came from the will of modernizing the most visited travel website in Québec. It is through a rigorous strategic process that we painted a revealing picture of user behaviour, in order to optimize user experience, information architecture and performance indicators. Finally, our team has developed the prototyping, interface design, programming & publishing of the company’s new website. All of this, in less than 12 months.

The Transformation of a Complex Structure.

When analyzing user behaviour, we found that some sections created an imbalance and undermined the purchasing process. Based on these findings, we re-organized the information presented, and the overall structure of the website. By clarifying the objective of some sections, and by removing what was unnecessary, we created a refined and effective website that puts the user at the very heart of a personalised online booking process.

Inspire and Help Users Finding their Dream Travel, at the Best Price Possible.

An Ergonomic Search Engine

The new page “search results” shows a reconsidered and personalised ergonomy. This section of the website makes web browsing and purchasing easier, which ensures an optimal booking experience.

Book a Group Trip, It’s Easy. Fun is only real when shared! Therefore, we eased the booking for group travel by adding several options especially made for them. Choosing a destination in group has never been easier!

Bulldozer’s team was able to challenge us and to advance the vision of our new website.

Alain Sénécal

General Director