Custom software development

Is your business working with the proper tools?

Software development to meet your needs

Our continuous delivery approach will give you peace of mind. Custom software can give you huge productivity gains. You think it's overpriced for your organization. We believe we can create a personalized solution according to your needs. We offer integrated strategic support from planning to recommending you the best tech project funding program that will help you to carry out your project.

Our game plan

Identification of needs

We want to work within a flexible framework at the start of your software development project in order to let your team and our experts review together your needs prioritization. We will try to find the features that will bring the maximum value to your organization. We can offer you the most appropriate technology to develop your software and ensure the maintenance of your software in the long term.


User Experience

At the start of the project, a UX designer will be assigned to your project to understand your business needs. To reduce project risks, we will create wireframes to test deliverables as quickly as possible in the project


Software development and continuous delivery

We have worked very hard to put in place a continuous development process to deliver value quickly and frequently. We don

Our work

Why Bulldozer?

With several software development projects realised, we have developed an agile methodology inspired by industry’s best practices.

We think of every software development project as an investment in your business.

From the start of the software development project, we will set up goals to be achieved to measure the performance of your software development project.

Determined to invest in your technological assets?


We share our ideas


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