Don't you want to go further with your digital assets?

The digital performance of your organization is an asset

At Bulldozer, we have decided to specialize in digital performance. What is that? It is simply to focus on the initiatives with the best return on investment for your organization.

Our game plan

Performance Analysis

The performance of your website depends on a lot of factors. This is why we have worked on a scientific methodology to analyze your situation. We will answer most of your questions during this step. Are you targeting the right keywords? Are your investments in traffic acquisition producing the expected return? Are your conversion points producing the expected result? To summarize, we will analyze and identify the investments necessary to exceed your expectations in terms of web performance.


Market Analysis

One of the most important things that is often overlooked in some digital project approaches is market analysis. We want to understand who your competition is on the web. By analyzing the actions of your competitors, we will be able to find weakness and strength in their digital strategy in order to define the best digital positioning for your organisation.



We will analyze the target audience for the digital strategies that we will put in place with you. After identifying your personas, we will be able to adjust our various initiatives to answer our persona’s questions during their buying process.


Quick Win or Low Hanging Fruit Opportunities

We will end our audit with a presentation of our findings, our recommendations and a game plan offer. We will communicate the information simply for you to understand the potential impact of our actions. In our recommendations implementation timeline, we will highlight the actions with the best return on investment.

Our work

Why Bulldozer?

With hundreds of digital projects realised, we have developed an agile methodology inspired by industry’s best practices.

We think of every conversion rate optimization project as an investment in your business.

From the start of the project, we will set up objectives to be achieved to measure the performance of your actions to optimize your digital investment.

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