Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

Want to optimize your ranking on search engine?

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]: a smart investment for your website

SEO must have a place in your company's digital strategy. When used to its fullest, SEO helps give you visibility to your future customers. We can support you even if we haven't developed your website.

Our game plan

Research and Content

In an SEO strategy, you have to win against your competition. We


Design beyond beauty

User experience is very important for SEO, because internal networking will give your website strength to rank high on search engines. With a proper user journeys analysis, Uwe will be able to define the path taken by your visitors. Afterward we will make sure to facilitate information accessibility for your visitors so that they can spend more time consulting content than looking for it.


Referral links

The most impactful factor for ranking on the first page in the research results on Google is quality backlinks. These referral links will allow you to gain quality traffic to your website.


The technical optimization of your website

To ensure that you do not lose the efforts invested in natural referencing (SEO), the code of your website must meet the quality standards requested by search engines. Our team is trained to apply these practices during web development. We indeed advise you to configure Google Search Console to enhance the communication between Google and your website.

Our work

Why Bulldozer?

With hundreds of digital projects realised, we have developed an agile methodology inspired by industry’s best practices.

We think of every user experience project as an investment in your business.

From the start of the user experience project, we will set up objectives to be achieved in order to measure the performance of your actions and to optimize your position in search engines.

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