Can you go further with your actual crew?

A hybrid team dedicated to your digital growth

Who said that your business’ digital maturity need to be led by the hiring of an intern developer’s team? Bulldozer’s TaaS (Team as a Service) solution allows you to focus on your day-to-day operations while we are building a team of professional developers and project managers that will help you to deliver your digital projects. No matter your project size or timeline.

Our game plan

Business Analysis

Our strategy, operation and project management specialists will work with you in order to define your needs. On the strategic side, we will identify business opportunities that will support your business growth or improve your processes. In terms of operations, we’ll discuss your staffing needs and expertises to fill. Finally, our project managers will suggest rituals ensuring the smooth running of the project and your satisfaction.


Technical Analysis

Our Technical Lead will collaborate with your digital specialist in order to understand your digital environment, but also to agree on the best practices and technologies to use for your project. Our goal is to leave nothing to chance to allow us to build the best team with the appropriate experts according to your digital reality.


Setting up your hybrid team

The success of our last TaaS mandates, with client as SemTech or Familiprix, rest on the synergy between teams. Whether most of the crew members are from bulldozer or from your team, the key is to join forces to create a highly qualified team no matter the context. The support of the technical lead and the project manager at every steps of the project will ensure the communication and the cohesion of all the members of the TaaS squad.


Continuous delivery of the product

To quickly offer you the most value, we are working with the continuous delivery approach. It allows us to deliver a core product more quickly, but also to work within an agile framework that provide flexibility for the specialists to involve in the TaaS squad at strategic moments of the project.

Our work

Why Bulldozer?

We are fully dedicated to your business’ accomplishment and growth. This is why the team as a service provides you with the experts to achieve your objectives.

We know that at the moment, it can be hard to build a team with the experts that are answering your need. That’s why we are offering you to collaborate directly with our experts for the benefice of your business.

To ensure the success of this collaboration, we’ll fix objectives to achieve in order to measure our operational performance and optimize processes during the project.

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