Is your website user experience adapted to your customers?

A great UX design for engaged visitors

User experience design is often a neglected process in many projects. The creation of user journeys is a team effort where the expertise of each expert will be put to good use.

Our game plan

Personas’ creation

At the start of the project, we want to identify people types with whom we will interact. A web design project lasts an average of 3 to 6 months depending on the scope of the work. The creation of personas allows us to focus our objectives around our personas



Designing a website involves creating an information architecture. This work involves several experts to ensure that the benefits of the navigation structure are optimal for your business goals.


Schematic models

Schematic models will bring the project to life for the first time. It’s time to fully test our hypothesis to optimize customers journeys. The conversion points will be integrated to achieve the business objectives of the project.


Conversion optimization

Going live does not mean the end of a project. We can now collect real information to draw conclusions to optimize our customer journeys. Small changes can have big financial consequences for your organization.

Our work

Why Bulldozer?

With hundreds of digital projects realised, we have developed an agile methodology inspired by industry’s best practices.

We think of every user experience project as an investment in your business.

From the start of the user experience project, we will set up objectives to be achieved in order to measure the performance of your actions and to optimize your position in search engines.

Want to optimize your UX?


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