You could use of an efficiency gain?

A solution called web application

We offer several options for you if you want to digitize your business processes. Several internal processes can be automated using technology. We have developed several web and mobile applications that have saved our customers hundreds of hours per month. We will help you identify the opportunities and we can choose the platform that will meet your needs.

Our game plan

Analysis of your application needs

We will start the project by analyzing the current situation to determine how the web or mobile application will fit into your business processes. During this phase, we can help you prioritize the features with the most potential for your organization.


User Experience [UX]

At the start of the project, a UX designer will be assigned to your web application project to understand your business needs. To reduce project risks, we will create wireframes to test deliverables as quickly as possible in the project.


Development of the web application

Your project will be developed using the best industry standards. For example, we suggest using automated unit tests to automatically test key functionalities with each new deployment of your web application. The application will also be delivered continuously to reduce the risk of the project going live.


Evolution of your web application

Following the delivery of a first phase of your web application, we will identify with your team the next developments with the most value for your organization. We will set up monitoring tools to allow you to calculate the return on your investment in a web application.

Our work

Why Bulldozer?

With hundreds of application projects realised, we have developed an agile methodology inspired by industry’s best practices.

We think of every application as an investment in your business.

From the start of the web application project, we will set up goals to be achieved to measure your project performance.

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