Website development

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Our approach for the success of your web project

We start every website development project with one idea in mind to exceed your business goals. Our approach is to identify with your team the business objective to be fulfilled with your web design project. Each project will start with a workshop to define the current situation and the desired situation.

Our game plan


Following the audit of your digital performance, our team will have findings in hand that will allow you to guide the development work of your website. We will identify the opportunities to stand out from your competition to position your website on search engines. Our SEO experts will work on implementing: speed optimization, text and image markup, sitemap.xml, multilingual, permanent redirects, etc. Your positioning in search engines will remain a priority throughout the duration of your web development project.


User Experience [UX]

The user experience of your website should be consistent with your brand


Web Development

We develop websites keeping in mind that speed is an important factor in ranking well in search engines. We will advise you before, during and after the development of your website so that the technical components can help you meet the business objectives identified at the start of the project.



Our sites are protected by industry best practices such as SSL certificate and HTTPS security protocol. We are setting up a tool for monitoring the availability of your website. In addition, we will back up your website data on a daily basis.

Our work

Why Bulldozer?

With hundreds of web development projects realised, we have developed an agile methodology inspired by industry’s best practices.

We conceive every web development project as an investment in your business.

Our continuous delivery approach allows us to deliver maximum value during your web design project.

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We share our ideas


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