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Create a web application to connect tutors and their students


Synapse is a web interface offering an optimized twinning service dedicated to all academic support activities and all other private lessons. Primarily aimed at elementary and secondary school students, the services are offered by passionate tutors who want to open up and share their knowledge in order to help a student in their learning.

Parents and students will find specialized tutors near them as well as a wealth of information on each of them. In this way, the tutor with the personality best suited to that of the student and who can best meet his or her needs can be appointed. In order to ensure and maintain quality services, several measures are put in place and constantly improved. As you research, you may want to refer to tutor reviews and ratings left by other parents and previous clients.

Mathieu managed and coordinated the production of a complex technological project for my company. His professionalism and his attentiveness to our needs have enabled us to avoid additional production costs and delays. Mathieu has all the necessary skills to carry out any type of project. His experience and knowledge in finance also allowed us to benefit from advice in order to improve certain aspects of our business model.

Looking forward to working with you again Mathieu,

Charles Dubois, CEO Synapse


The initial goal was to create a marketplace-like platform to connect tutors and students. Charles Dubois, the founder of Synapse Tutorat, had been a tutor during all these studies and he was looking for a team to help him complete his project.


We wanted to digitize the tutoring process to allow tutors to do what they are best at doing and let Synapse take care of the administrative side of that work.


We had some interesting ideas for developing an optimal web application. We decided to take the column status approach as a starting point to allow both types of users to see the status of their tutoring session.

We have also developed a chat tool to help plan the next tutoring session efficiently.

We were fortunate afterwards to work with Charles on the business model. By offering a money transfer and billing service to users to simplify exchanges. We had a great way to monetize by charging a commission on transfers between users.


More than 200 tutors are registered on the web application.


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