Website - Le Passe-Partout

A website to accelerate the development of PASSE-PARTOUT


The passe-partout is a company that offers discount coupons allowing savings in many restaurants and businesses in the Quebec City region. The company has always relied on traditional marketing to promote its services. Each year, they send more than 100,000 discount coupon booklets to homes in the Quebec City region. From now on, the customer wants to make the leap into digital and migrate to digital marketing to find a younger clientele and reduce printing costs, which represent a significant cost for the organization. The company thus wishes to launch its platform to reach its new target.


Our primary objective is to develop a platform that will allow our client to reduce costs, rejuvenate its brand image and increase its notoriety. The platform should include some essential features to achieve the business goal, such as: property management, registrations, coupon creation as well as establishment creation by importing information from google place ID.


The ultimate challenge in this project is to combat the pressure caused by tight deadlines and meet deadlines while managing the project with multiple stakeholders at the same time. Our goal is to enable our client to create a simple but most importantly engaging experience for users by ensuring that the interface is user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use.

Strategic orientation

In collaboration with the Passe-Partout internal team, we managed to develop the platform in less than 3 months. We have added new features that will allow our client to attract new visits to the website and convert their current clients to digital. For this we have worked to create a user experience that is fluid, intuitive and engaging at the same time. We have updated the content of the home page by adding important keywords to better represent the company’s offering, mission and commitment. In addition, we have incorporated an explanatory section of how it works to keep the bounce rate as low as possible and encourage visitors to sign up. In terms of the overall structure of the platform, we have made particular plans to add several call-to-action buttons to meet our client's business and marketing objectives.


The new platform has enabled our client to achieve considerable results, in terms of increased awareness and reduced costs. Since its creation, Passe-Partout has succeeded in registering more than 87,000 people for the platform. In addition, the company has had more than 200 establishments on the platform as well as 81,000 coupons downloaded.


Case study