Software - Communauté métropolitaine de Québec

Smart interactive kiosks to improve the experience of visitors to the Grand marché de Québec


The Quebec Metropolitan Community (CMQ) is recognized for its involvement in a territory that brings together 28 municipalities and 800,000 people. The Quebec Metropolitan Community mandated Bulldozer to design and develop a web application for the interactive kiosks present at the Grand Marché of Quebec.


The expected opening of the Grand Marché de Quebec meant that the establishment would attract many tourists and citizens of Quebec City on a daily basis. The Quebec Metropolitan Community then wanted to take advantage of this traffic to introduce producers and their products to visitors with a view to conversion.

The first Grand Marché in Quebec, which initially appeared in the Old Port of Quebec, was already recognized as a must for discovering the region's terroir. The new Grand Marché was therefore predestined to be so successful. Considering the more "connected" consumer trends across the population, it was obvious to us to capitalize on the benefits that technology brings to consumers. We therefore proposed to the Metropolitan Community to set up intelligent interactive terminals available to visitors in the area of ​​the new Grand Marché of Quebec.

One of our goals was to increase visits to producers to get there, we have developed a feature that generates an itinerary. The user can keep this route by sending it to their cell phone by SMS.


The length of the mandate was an important issue since we had to ensure the deployment of interactive kiosks in time for the opening of the new Grand marché de Québec. Thanks to our efficient working methods and our team structure, this challenge was met effectively.


We advocated a co-creation approach to work with the Quebec Metropolitan Community during the solution ideation process. Our choice had two main objectives: to increase our interactions with the client to have the same idea about the need and to decrease the approval time by working together.

By using frequent meetings with assisted brainstorms and animated prototype presentations, we were able to make the meetings interactive and decrease the feeling of overload. We were able to prepare a set of features that exactly meet business needs while minimizing the impact of technological constraints.


It is too early to have real numbers, but our primary goal of meeting the launch deadline has been met.


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